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Shipping to Australia - Start Here!

Step 1 - Register

Register on's freight management system here, and instantly receive an e-mail with directions and important information about using our system. You will also receive our USA shipping address and registration details.

Step 2 - Shop

Shop at thousands of online sites in the USA. Simply use the USA address you receive in step 1 when you check out. Your item(s) will be delivered directly to our Depot and we will forward them on to you in Australia. Visit our shopping page here for online stores and shopping ideas. If you are having trouble ordering from a particular store, we may be able to help facilitate your purchase, contact us for more details.

Step 3 - Ship & Save

Log in to your account at and enter the details of your shipment. Upon arrival in our Depot, the status will be updated and the shipping process starts. Log in to your account at any time for status updates.

Step 4 - Relax & Repeat

Sit back and relax knowing your shipment will soon be on its way to Australia. With offices in both the USA and Australia, you can rest assured we are getting the job done right for you. We ship to Brisbane, Fremantle, Sydney and Melbourne. When your shipment arrives, you'll be contacted to pick up at the port you chose!

Why import from America?

Prices - cheaper prices on the same/similar goods available in Australia.

Choice - with 300,000,000+ people in the USA, there are always sales, bargains and a huge variety.

Ease - Order whatever you want* and we will take care of the rest.

Security - you are working with Aussies here and in the USA. Your money is deposited in an Australian bank account with a company that is Australian owned and operated. We control the complete proces. We shipped U$4.4 Million dollars worth of goods in 2013.

What are the benefits of using SHIPtoAUS vs. a different carrier?

Prices: Save hundreds of dollars with SHIPtoAUS, we are more affordable.

All-Inclusive: Our pricing includes shipping, Australian clearance and Customs. We are upfront with all costs and charges. No surprise or hidden fees.

Discounts: Save even more money when shipping multiple items at the same time to the same port.

Peace of Mind: We have shipped hundreds of containers and will continue to do so. Our staff has over 50 years of combined logistics/transport/shipping experience. With offices and multiple warehouses in both the USA and Australia; and our tried and true techniques, you can be assured your shipments are well taken care of.

Affordable Freight: Many stores now offer International Shipping Rates, however, they usually only ship via air freight which is much more expensive. Don't need it overnight? Too big/heavy for a regular carrier? We only ship via sea freight in consolidated shipping containers.

How long does it take?

We deliver to Brisbane, Fremantle, Sydney and Melbourne. Freight is packed into containers on a first come, first serve basis. Below is a basic time line for the complete process.

timeline of how shipping to Australia works

After a container is booked, there is between 8 - 12 weeks travel time before it arrives in Australia. SHIPtoAUS has regular containers to Australia so the wait should not be too long. While SHIPtoAUS provides the best shipping rate for your goods, they do not run the US government, the Australian government or the weather. International shipping is a complicated process that has many different entities involved. Your freight will arrive in Australia safely, however it will not be a quick process. If goods are required quickly, air mail would be a better option.

Restricted red with x Banned & Prohibited Items

Alcohol & Coffee.

Combustible / Flammable
Nail polish, paints, oils, lighters, matches, fireworks, etc.

Food - Perishable
Perishable foods of any type are prohibited.

Gambling & Lottery
Including, but not limited to tickets, games & devices.

Hazardous Materials
Chemicals, explosives, fuels, fertilizers.

Pressurized Cans
Hairspray, shaving cream, etc.

Animals & Agricultural
No animals (alive or dead), fish or plants, seeds, soil, etc.

Prescriptions are prohibited. Non-prescription medications are restricted.

Weaponry & Parts
Guns, gun replicas, gun components/parts, paint ball guns, paint balls, stun guns, ammunition, gun powder, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a general overview of banned and prohibited items. Please visit the following link which also applies:

Prohibited & Restricted Imports

Clients are responsible for knowing what can and cannot be shipped. If you are unsure about your item, there are many resources available to verify, including the ones listed above. Feel free to email us at for help.

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